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Ideation & Discovery

Explore your ideas and bring them to life with Aditya Food Product's Ideation & Discovery process.


Fine-tune your product with Aditya Food Product's expert Formulation process.

Designing & Printing

Create a product that stands out with Aditya Food Product's Designing & Printing capabilities.

Production & Shipping

Voila! Your Production is done and Finally Shipped to you.

From Concept to Creation

Turn Your Spices Idea into a Reality

At Aditya Food Product, we understand the importance of high-quality ingredients in your food and we are committed to providing you with the best. Our private label Indian spices are sourced directly from farmers in India, ensuring that they are fresh and packed with flavour. We have expertise in the production of spices that has enabled us to be the private labelers for numerous brands. Our services cater to wholesalers, retail chains, and distributors for the international market.

Create Your Own Customized Spices & Blends with Aditya Food Product's Private Labelling Services

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We offer private label solutions that provide our customers with exclusive and effective branding of their name to promote customer loyalty while maximizing brand image. Our private labelling services guarantee the highest quality and hygienic products available. By procuring only the finest and freshest spices available, we will carefully handle your product from start to finish and provide you with your own distinct final product.

Creating a new spice blend?

Let us help you with production and branding. Our private labelling services are ideal for those interested in introducing new products, entering new requests, or reducing product and functional costs. We can help develop and expand your product line with our private labelling services. Our team of experts provides full turnkey solutions for all of your private labelling needs including product development, design, and production.

Our  packaging professionals provide end-to-end solutions, catering to all your packaging requirements, including formatting, choosing the appropriate size and shape, designing, labelling, and barcoding. We offer a range of packaging services, including pillow pouches, mono cartons, boxes, pet jars, and grinders. You can even have a discussion with our designers and marketing professionals to format and design a package suited to your convenience.

The The process of private labelling with Aditya Food Product includes ideation and discovery, where we work with you to develop your signature look and feel. You may choose from our spices products and blends or create your own. The next step is formulation, with finalised artwork we move into print production. Our in-house printing can save money and enable you to expand your product offering at any time. The final step is production, and printing, through a combination of quality control, flavour profiling, food safety, and taste, our private label products satisfy the most demanding retailers and discerning consumers.

Packaging Options

Private Label Spices
Why choose:

Aditya Food Product

Aditya Food Product offers several advantages with our private labelling services.

  • Includes increasing customer loyalty with own brand
  • Provides high-quality, fresh products
  • Follows stringent food safety and sanitation regulations
  • Includes custom seasonings, blending, and production
  • Increased production, quality control, and consistency
  • Reduced overhead costs
  • Includes customized labels and packaging for retail applications
  • Low-risk, short-run production
  • Allows for exploration and access to new markets
  • Optimizes label as a premium brand.

Create and brand your own customized spices & blends with Aditya Food Product

To learn more about all of our private label services, contact us today! With our private labelling services, you can turn your spice idea into a reality.